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Nemesis Intelligence Success Story

In July 2019, Six Metrix was contracted by Nemesis Intelligence to create an underground mine imaging and mapping device that would generate critical data for mining decision-makers.

Nemesis Intelligence is a startup in Quebec City designing technologies to help mine operators extract vital information from their underground installations. In just over 3 months,the project went from the ideation stage to a fully functional prototype.

Six Metrix was responsible for the choice of components, for the electronic and software design and for the integration of this imagery system. Following the first test in an underground mine, Jean Brassard, President of Nemesis Intelligence, qualified the results as impressive, very satisfying and industry leading.

As it can be seen on the following pictures, the imagery device generates a 3D point-cloud map of the underground facility and takes high quality camera snapshots of the gallery walls while being on a moving vehicle.

Figure 1: 3D point cloud exterior view of underground mine galleries

Figure 2: Inside a gallery - 3D point cloud view and camera view of same landscape

Figure 3: The walls of the gallery - panorama (cameras) and LiDAR views

Figure 1 shows an exterior view of a gallery as a 3D point cloud (LiDAR reconstructed view). Figure 2 illustrates a portion of the interior of this gallery as seen by LiDAR imaging and camera imaging. Figure 3 illustrates the LiDAR / panorama camera views of the walls of a gallery section. Obviously, these two types of imaging are complementary. Cameras can lift interesting details on the walls of a gallery while LiDAR imagery raises interesting details about the structure of galleries.

This innovative imagery device will allow Nemesis to perform countless calculations on the recorded imagery data to help mine operators with their daily challenges.

Learn more about Six Metrix Expertise by contacting us and see how we can help you move forward with your project.


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