Jean-Alexis Boulet,
P.Eng. M.B.A.


Marc-André Isabel,
P.Eng. M.Sc.

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Jean-Alexis has been working as an electronic professional engineer and sensor expert for the last 10 years. He has extensive knowledge of FPGA designs for high speed acquisition systems and he has proven expertise in measurement systems such as high precision thermal cameras and high fidelity LiDARs. He can help your business reach its product development needs and improve its value proposition.

Marc-André graduated with a master degree in digital signal processing (DSP) after a major in electrical engineering. His thesis researches concerned the acceleration of a statistical high-resolution LiDAR/RADAR algorithm to facilitate a real-time implementation. He has been practicing the art of DSP for several years now and his curiosity has brought him to other DSP applications such as audio processing, medical signals processing, etc. In recent years, he was working professionally in the LiDAR industry to develop custom algorithm solutions and system qualification solutions.